Bianca Portraits


Lovely Northern California Wedding & Portrait Photography


Each person is created with an intrinsic desire
to experience and possess beauty.
Inside every soul is hidden a breathtaking beauty and glory
 just waiting to be captured.
Every soul is part of an inspiring story
just waiting to be told.
This wonder and fascination with beauty
is a piece of what makes us who we are.
We all want our breath taken away
and to be nothing less than enchanted.

Hello!! My name is Paula Bianca Willems. I am a Photographic Artist in Northern California and have been specializing in lovely portrait, fashion, event & wedding photography since 2006.

I offer custom portrait sessions in home as well as in a wide range of exciting and beautiful locations, servicing Sacramento, Central Valley, & the Bay Area.

I can't wait to meet you and capture your special story from behind my lens. <3

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